Welcome Home.

Established 1900.  Re-established 2016. Re-inventing homestead in every moment.

Today, and every day, we begin a journey anew.  We hope you will join us as we establish a home.  We will restore a homestead.  We aim to establish for our family a new, but old and authentic way of life where we learn together, laugh together, and work together – sometimes all three at the same time.

My name is Susan.  My daughter and I caught a quilting bug from our friend whose farmhouse we called home for a season. First we learned hand-stitching, then piecing, and then before we knew what happened, we bought and learned the art of long-arm machine quilting.   Then we learned that there are more ways than with fabric to piece and to quilt.  We’re still learning and creating.

We love using our hands, paint, fabric, and thread to make beautiful and useful things, and we LOVE barn quilts of all types.

Please join us.  We are Barn Quilters.